Thursday, April 20, 2006

Two nice models :)

Really, it doesn’t have to be exactly THESE two models, but they sure look nice, right. Yummy, yummy! Also, I hear that those two are actually sisters AND they are doing pretty well. Maybe, with a couple of nice models like that I wouldn't even have to work anymore... well, I am not sure I could, even if I wanted - I would be warn out from just thinking about them during my morning shower! Man, they do look super nice! :)

I want a good looking woman!

I admit the fact that I got inspired from the recent succes of Kyle MacDonald from One Red Paperclip. WOW, trading a lame paperclip for a new house! Thats wild! Anyway, I figured, maybe this is my chance to get something done about the mistake of my life - the marriage with the worlds most ugly woman. I mean, its not that she isn't nice and such, but she is just so damn ugly. You know, it's really hard to get excited around her, the way a healthy man should.

So here we go ...

My goal is to get at least two top-notch models in their prime age out of this - in trade of my old (but not very used) ugly woman. Just like Kyle, I don't expect anyone would want to trade in the two models for my woman, just like no one wants to trade in a house for a silly paperclip, but maybe you have something of a similar value to my ugly woman (well, hopefully something just a little more valuable, to get the ball rolling ..) - I am totally open for suggestions - anything that can get me closer to my two hot models :)